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The non-technical domain of SRM AUV, the corporate domain forms a critical aspect of the operations of the team. The corporate team takes charge in managing and maintaining felicitous exchange of information both internally and externally. Also known as the face of the company in colloquial terms, the members of the corporate domain specialize in public relations. Keeping a track of challenges and objectives, the corporate team works to design strategies that facilitate smoother functioning of the technical domain and the team as a whole. The challenges range from finance, availability of the tech, sponsorship, public relations and social media awareness.  

That being mentioned, the corporate domain can be further sub-divided into three categories which constitute the domain. 
1) Public Relations
2) Marketing
3) Finance 
  1. Public Relations: This sub-team of the corporate domain looks after the communications on behalf of the SRM AUV team. Spreading awareness about the team and its achievements is one key job of this team. This has been achieved via workshops and taking part in various expos. The PR team also takes care of applying for permissions within college depending on the needs of the team. The PR team is responsible for address on behalf of the entire team for any purpose whatsoever. 
  2. Marketing: The marketing team of the corporate domain takes care of meeting with domain specific needs of the technical team. The three technical domains namely Mechanical, Electrical and Software have different sets of requirements. The marketing team takes those requirements into account and prepares a list of prospective companies/shops which could sell the needed products at the best prices. The members of the list are then contacted and the needful is done. The key quality of the marketing team members is to be resourceful in their approach and be constantly updated with the latest prices of the parts used in the making of the vehicle. 
  3. Finance: The finance team of the corporate domain is responsible for the accounting and the management of money that flows in and out of the team fund. The members involved in finance maintain an organized and detailed list of various bills that are issued in the name of the team. The finance team keeps the financial status of the team in check and co-ordinates timely payment of bills (one time, weekly, monthly etc). 

Sponsorship: Sponsorship is one specific task of the corporate domain where all the other sub-teams work together. The finance team lays down the budget highlighting the facts and figures. The marketing team then takes inputs from the other technical domains in devising the approach for technical sponsorships. The PR team then establishes contact on behalf of the team and opens negotiations. There are various non technical sponsorships as well which are decided upon by the corporate domain as a whole.